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Performer Registration & Next Steps

Thank you for registering with ACTRA RACS! You’ve joined tens of thousands of other performers seeking fair compensation for the use of their work. The ACTRA RACS Team will now begin tracking down any available royalties and will be in touch shortly to verify any outstanding information. A copy of your completed membership form has been sent to you by email.

In the meantime, here some important next steps:


Providing a detailed list of recordings that you’ve performed on will ensure that all of your performances are tracked and paid (when applicable). The Repertoire Update Form will allow you to list the recordings you’ve performed on along with any additional information relevant to our process. To submit repertoire information to ACTRA RACS, you can complete the form below and return it to


In many cases, performers are already linked to recordings in our system when they register and may only need to provide a small update. To determine whether you are linked to any recordings in our system, you review your profile in our member portal. Details about accessing your member portal will be sent once your registration is confirmed.


If you have given ACTRA RACS mandate to collect in the USA, it is important to complete one of the Withholding Tax Forms below to avoid paying a 30% withholding tax on any US-based income, Forms can be completed and returned to:

For payments made to a legal name: W-8BEN Form

For payments made to a business or corporation: W-8BEN-E Form

For payments made to US citizens or US residents: W9 Form

If you have any immediate questions, you can reach us at or 1-800-387-3516.

Thanks again and welcome to ACTRA RACS!