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NOTE: SIGNUP is one of three options – Performer (Form 1); Authorized Agent (Form 2); or Beneficiary Application (must contact ACTRA RACS directly), so there will be 2 pages below this one, one for each form (third option will be handled on this current page).

Appointment & Authorization

I hereby appoint ACTRA Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (RACS) to be my exclusive agent in the territories specified in this agreement throughout for the purposes of licensing users of eligible sound recordings embodying my performances and for the purposes of collecting and distributing to me remuneration, royalties, license fees, levies and all other compensation (“Remuneration” herein) arising out of the uses of my performances contemplated by sections 15 (reproduction by radio broadcasters), 19 (telecommunication to the public and performance in public) and 81 (reproduction on blank recording media) of the Copyright Act of Canada; together with the right to receive the performer’s share of Remuneration otherwise payable pursuant to certified reproduction tariffs to sound recording copyright collectives (including but not limited to so-called broadcast mechanical tariffs). Furthermore or for clarification:The foregoing authorization includes the rights to administer and to enforce my rights related to the use of my performances, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing the right to file and defend tariffs for certification by the Copyright Board.

The foregoing authorization also includes the rights to license and to collect and distribute Remuneration arising out of amendments to or expansions of the rights referred to herein.

Nothing herein prohibits ACTRA RACS from assigning its rights hereunder or a portion thereof to other societies in order to carry out efficiently its mandate hereunder. For example, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I acknowledge that certain rights will be assigned to Re:Sound (formerly NRCC) and to similar societies operating in other territories. In the event that ACTRA RACS assigns all my rights to another collective society, I understand that ACTRA RACS will notify me within thirty (30) days following such assignment.

This Appointment is effective as of the date it is electronically signed below, will continue in effect for five (5) years and will automatically renew for successive five-year periods unless I revoke it in writing not less than thirty (30) days prior to any renewal date by sending an email to Revocation shall be effective at the end of the then current term.

I authorize ACTRA RACS and its agents to deduct reasonable administrative fees in order to perform effectively their mandate hereunder.
For the purposes of proper identification and to the extent necessary for ACTRA RACS and its domestic and foreign agents to carry out its mandate, I consent to the collection, use and disclosure to third party copyright collectives of the personal information contained herein. I understand that ACTRA RACS and its agents shall otherwise maintain this information in a confidential manner.

I understand that it is my obligation to supply and to update from time to time a list of all eligible sound recordings embodying my performances.

Sign Me Up

Please fill in the form below and a member of the ACTRA RACS team will call or email you to confirm some additional details.


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Social Insurance / Social Security Numbers
Payment Information
Payee Name / Company
Business Number (if corporation or company)
If legal name of the performer does not match the name of the payee above, we will need to verify the relationship to prevent improper payment. If the payee name is different, please explain below:
Payee Name Mismatch

Withholding Tax
I am the beneficial owner of the income from the Remuneration described above. If my country of residence (for taxation purposes) changes, I hereby undertake to advise ACTRA RACS immediately upon such change.
For taxation purposes, I am a resident of (country)*
If taxable in Canada, I am a resident of (province)

By typing your name in the box below, you agree that you are hereby making and signing the above appointment and authorization in writing via electronic means and consent to contracting with RACS in such manner for such purpose.
Electronic Signature*
I hereby submit that I am the performer listed above and that I am at least [18] years of age or I am legally authorized to make the above appointment on behalf of such performer. By typing my name in the box above, I am signing the above submission in writing via electronic means.
Publication Authorization
RACS may use my name and likeness in a variety of informational materials pertaining specifically to the ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society c/o/b as Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (RACS) and its services as a collective management organization within the entertainment industry. Yes
Privacy Policy, Authorization and Submission
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