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2024 Distribution Schedule Update

We are pleased to continue our Monthly Royalty Releases in 2024 to ensure that performers receive their royalties as quickly as possible. 

International royalties are claimed and received on a schedule that varies by country and can change throughout the year . Similarly, the schedule for Canadian royalties is currently subject to ongoing systems challenges as Canadian organizations integrate into a new shared repertoire system. Monthly Royalty Releases give ACTRA RACS the flexibility to release all available royalties on frequent and regular intervals.

For Canadian royalties, we have created a tentative 2024 schedule to outline the month range where we expect the distribution to occur: 

January, February, March 
2004-2006 *Closeout Reallocation Payment 
Final Distribution on 2014-2016 Royalty Period 
April, May, June 
2014-2016 Closeout Reallocation Payment
Additional Distribution On 2021 Royalty Period 

July, August, September 
First Distribution on Canadian Royalties From 2023 Usage 
Additional distribution on 2021-2022

October, November December 
Final Distribution on 2007-2008 Royalty Period 
Additional Payments on Open Periods 2019-2023

ACTRA RACS continues to push for a shared Canadian system that best meets the needs of performers and that offers a regular and reliable distribution schedule.

*A Closeout Reallocation Payment is a “top-up” payment.  Any outstanding unclaimed royalties from a given period are reallocated to the performers who have made successful claims. More information on our closeout schedule.