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Authorized Representative Registration & Next Steps

Thank you for registering with ACTRA RACS! You’ve joined thousands of other performers seeking fair compensation for the use of their work. The ACTRA RACS Team will now begin tracking down any available royalties and will be in touch shortly with additional information. In the meantime, a copy of your completed membership form has been sent to you by email. 

Now that you’ve registered with ACTRA RACS, we just need to verify your identity to finalize your accountIn addition, if you’ve selected Direct Deposit as your payment method or have requested that ACTRA RACS collect your royalties in the USA, please complete the appropriate form(s) below and return them to

AUthority to REgister on behalf of artist

We require documentation showing that the artist has given you the authority to register on their behalf. Please provide any documentation supporting this, such as a PoA (POWER OF ATTORNEY) or Artist Agreement. You may also use the ACTRA RACS Authorized Representative Form or PoA Appointment Form.

Appointment of Authorized RepresentativeDownload
Power Of Attorney AuthorizationDownload

Identity Verification

To verify the artist’s identity, we’ll need to review a piece of government-issued identification. Please provide a photo of the artist’s identification and email it to

Direct Deposit Form

Completing the Direct Deposit Form will provide ACTRA RACS with the details needed to issue your royalty payments directly into a bank account. Please return the completed form to to finalize direct deposit.

Direct Deposit Authorization FormDownload


To avoid paying a 30% withholding tax on any US-based income, artist’s can complete one of the following forms and return it to

W8BEN (10-2021)Download
W8BEN-E (10-2021)Download

If you have any immediate questions, you can reach us at or 1-800-387-3516.

Thanks again and welcome to ACTRA RACS!