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Registration Form

Before becoming a member of ACTRA RACS, individual performers must first complete the Appointment & Authorization form or register online.  This form assigns your rights and allows ACTRA RACS to begin finding and collecting royalties on your behalf.

ACTRA RACS – Appointment & AuthorizationDownload

Repertoire Form And Updates

Completing the repertoire form below allows existing members to update their catalogue of recorded performances. Doing so ensures that we are collecting on all of your recordings.

ACTRA RACS Repertoire SpreadsheetDownload

Payment Change Forms

The forms below authorize ACTRA RACS to change the way the way in which we issue your payments.

Authorizes ACTRA RACS to deposit your payments directly into your bank account.

Authorizes ACTRA RACS to issue payments to a business or corporation instead of your legal name.

Authorized Representation Forms

The forms below allow an artist to add a representative to their account.

Grants a representative the ability to make any change to your account.

Grants a representative the ability to access and make basic changes to your ACTRA RACS profile.

US Tax Withholding Forms

If ACTRA RACS is collecting US-based royalties on your behalf, you can avoid a 30% withholding tax by completing the appropriate W form below.

For individual non-US residents.

For non-US companies.

For US residents, citizens and dual citizens.

All completed forms can be returned to