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Did You Know? Online Musical Instrument Insurance from Front Row Includes Protection for Damage to Computer Hardware and Software.

GUEST AUTHOR: Grant Patten of Front Row Insurance

RACS members: You may have heard about musical instrument insurance already, but perhaps you didn’t know that this insurance policy includes Computer Hardware and Software Coverage (at least…. if you purchase Front Row’s online instrument insurance policy).

Let’s look at some interesting – although unfortunate – real-life situations where such insurance coverage would have provided protection:

In 2020, a strong fire swept through a record label’s office, causing extensive damage. The fire began on the third floor, where dozens of the label’s gold albums adorned the walls. The fire then made its way to the label’s computer room, which sustained some smoke damage. Front Row’s instrument insurance policy includes fire coverage for instruments to the value chosen, plus an automatic $10,000 CAD (subject to change) for office contents.

In 2014, thieves broke into a music studio and stole computers containing six years of musicians’ work. The computers contained songs, videos and photography projects – most of which were not backed up, sadly. The stolen computers were worth $3,400 CAD. Front Row’s computer hardware/software/extra expense coverage includes an automatic limit of $5,000 CAD (subject to change) and covers replacement of lost computer hardware or damage to office computers and software. Extra expense covers additional expenses incurred due to a covered loss on computers, such as the rental of temporary equipment.

“I’m gutted,” said one of the studio’s musicians. “We’ve put so much work into what was stored on the [computers]. Years of effort has been wiped out. It’s not the computers which are important to us – it’s the files that are on them.” Front Row’s instrument insurance policy also includes $5,000 CAD (subject to change) for valuable papers – reimburses the cost to replace or reproduce valuable documents such as trusts or business records, corporate agreements, contracts and charters in the event of a covered loss.

In 2012, a music studio experienced a flood that damaged much of the studio’s equipment, including a MacBook Pro computer and various monitors and speakers. Front Row’s instrument insurance policy includes flood coverage.

Consider Musical Instrument Insurance from Front Row

Front Row’s musical instrument insurance policy comes along with $5,000 CAD (subject to change) in computer hardware/software/extra expense coverage.

The policy also includes protection for Theft, Breakage and Fire. Get a quote in ~10 seconds and buy a policy in ~5 minutes online, 24/7:

About: Front Row Insurance is a brokerage specializing in entertainment-related risks. They have a simple online instrument program available 24/7 for RACS members. Get a quote in 2 minutes and a download a policy in five minutes.  Custom packages include tour liability, and coverage for recording studios. Front Row has offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Los Angeles, New York City, and Nashville. Their staff of 50-plus people have a combined 510 years of entertainment insurance experience. Front Row provides fast, affordable musical instrument insurance for Canada’s music professionals who are Canadian resident members of RACS.

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