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ACTRA RACS won’t miss a beat in ensuring Canadian performers receive the royalties they deserve

The Musicians Rights Organization Canada (MROC) have announced a plan to wind down the organization by the end of 2024, with regular operations ending on June 30, 2024. This presents MROC members with a pivotal decision regarding their future in royalty collection and distribution.

ACTRA RACS is welcoming all MROC members to join our recording artists collective. Although the dissolution of MROC is a loss for the performer community, ACTRA RACS stands ready to support the needs of MROC members who choose to join the tens of thousands of other performers who trust our team to safeguard their performer rights.

As industry-wide changes impact the bottom line of performers, ACTRA RACS is uniquely positioned to address these changes effectively. Our sole focus on performers means we deeply understand and advocate for performer rights. Our expertise in both domestic and international royalty collection ensures that performers receive direct and fair compensation. And as a not-for-profit, service-oriented organization affiliated with ACTRA, we have a legacy of over 80 years of advocacy for recording artists

Today, ACTRA RACS advocates for new performer revenue streams, challenges inadequate structures in Canada that leave performers lagging the international standard and ensures that all performers are receiving every penny in fair compensation.

Join us to grow our collective voice and fight even harder for performer rights across Canada. With ACTRA RACS, performers gain a partner that is strong, stable, and ready to support them.

To complete the transfer to ACTRA RACS, interested performers can do the following:

1. Register with ACTRA RACS

2. Complete the MROC Transfer and Termination Form and return it to ACTRA RACS.

3. The dedicated and talented ACTRA RACS team will confirm the receipt and provide next steps shortly thereafter.

We look forward to working for you.