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Update To US Tax Exemption Forms

ACTRA RACS collects royalties from over 40 other territories around the world, including from our partners in the USA: SoundExchange and The AFM-SAG/AFTRA Intellectual Property Fund.  Royalties collected from US-based sources are subject to a 30% withholding tax.  ACTRA RACS members are exempt from US-based withholding taxes provided they complete and submit a US Tax form – W-8BEN (for individuals) or W-8BEN-E (for businesses) – to us. 

Earlier this year, the IRS updated their US tax forms and released a revised versions of the W-8BEN (for individuals) or W-8BEN-E (for businesses).  This revised version will invalidate all prior versions of the W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E forms as of April 30th, 2022.  To continue receiving an exemption from withholding tax on US-based royalties, we strongly encourage our members to complete an updated US tax form and return it to us before the April 30th deadline.  A link to the revised US tax forms can be found below:

W-8BEN: For individuals who are non-residents of the USA
W-8BEN-E: For companies not based in the USA. 

To determine which US tax form you’ve completed in the past, you can visit the ACTRA RACS member portal, or get in touch with us directly.

All forms can be returned by email to: